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When to update an old website or legacy web app?


update Legacy web app

So here is the scenario: You have a web application that is vital to the operation of your business. You know that it is running on old technology that has very little support from the vendor and doesn’t do what the latest technologies are doing. You want to upgrade, but the time it takes is long and when to do it is alway “Never a good time”. So what do you do?

Many companies large and small face this scenario all the time and quite frankly will most likely always face this as long as new web technologies and frameworks get introduced. So what is the right answer? The right answer is… it depends. It depends on what the application does. It depends on what technology it currently uses. It depends on what technologies currently exist. Based on the answers to the above will shape the solution. And honestly sometimes the answer is don’t touch it and leave it as is, e.g. main frame :). And sometimes the answer is a phased approach taking one module at a time. Other times it is to change as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Whatever the answer is for your particular application, we at Marraij can help you tread those waters by first determining what is the answer for your application and mapping out a plan to successfully make that transition. Click the “Lets Talk” button to get started.

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